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The Story of Ashley

My name is Hope Oliver. I am writing on behalf of my Daughter, Ashley. We are from Houma, Louisiana. 

Ashley was discovered to have biotinidase deficiency by a wonderful Doctor by the name of Michael Marble. We had been through every test any doctor could think of, for 5 3/4 years before one Doctor finally decided to contact Dr. Marble.

For years the doctors just kept repeating that she was going to be retarded, and that we would just have to accept it. I also had one Doctor tell me that there was no magic drug, no magic pill. Can you believe that a doctor would tell a Mother something so devastating. I also had 7 doctors in Ashley's room at 18-months-old tell me "we don't know what she has, but your next child could be worse. Here is a doctor that will tie your tubes at 20 so you don't have anymore like her".

Now thanks to Dr. Marble and Dr. Barry Wolf , Ashley is now a healthy perfectly normal young lady. With the exception of having to wear hearing aids, due the one of the effects of having the deficiency. Ashley is having a wonderful life. She rides horses, and is in dancing, which she does very well at.

For the people facing this disorder: it is not the end of the world. Just the beginning of your child's life that God has given them another chance at.

For anyone who thinks they are alone, we are here.

Thank you for listening. 

Hope Oliver

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