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Hearing Loss - Is there a relationship between Hearing Loss and BTD?

Just from discussions with parents we are starting to see that children who are not diagnosed at birth sometimes have hearing loss issues. This is a trend the medical field is seeing as well. At this point is looks as though the type and range of hearing loss varies. Please send us an email to post on our website so we can learn more about this. Below you'll find some of the letters we have received.

We have recently discovered that our son has a high frequency hearing loss and requires hearing aides. He is 7 and we thought he was just a guy who really concentrated on things (when he did not hear us).

His speech is fine so they think it could have been a recent loss.  I disagree but don't understand how his speech is so good.

The onset of BTD happened for him at approximately 18-months-old and he was diagnosed at around 24 months.  I am wondering if there is any relationship to hearing loss and biotinidase deficiency.  Anyone that has hearing loss as an issue with their BTD child will you please tell your stories???


My name is Esther and I live in Brazil . My son, Sonny, is 5-years-old, and was diagnosed with BTD (0%) on the newborn screening test. We started giving him Biotin when he was 30 days. Although he was too young he had some symptoms because he had an Urinary infection when he was a week old. Dr. Wolf told us to do a hearing exam and we found out that he has a moderate to severe hearing loss. He was fitted with hearing aides since he is 5 months and he is doing fine, his speech is just normal for his age. Since we give him the 10 mg of Biotin he didn't get worse, (he even improved a bit).

Dr. Wolf told me at the time, that many children that showed any kind of symptom had some degree of hearing loss. I am sure that he can help you.


Please send us your story as it relates to hearing loss.

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