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Meet Other Biotinidase Deficiency Families

Please check back often for new families in your area.

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Chelsea Ringersma
Affected daughter: Lilah
Non affected daughter: Lillian
Email: tapanga191@gmail.com 




Marjorie Triplett
Affected daughter, Sarah
Non-BD Son, Jacob
Goodyear, AZ
Email: marjtriplett@yahoo.com 



Tim & Jennifer Covello 
Affected son, Shawn
Son Evan unaffected
Roseville, CA
Email: jencovello@hotmail.com

Melissa Garcia
Affected son: Ethan Garcia
Affected Daughter: Emily Garcia
Stockton, CA
Email: stephmel@sbcglobal.net

Kelley Stein-Murphy
Affected child: Kasha Reed Murphy (DOB: 10-19-2010)
Older sister Jadzia unaffected (DOB: 10-25-2007)
San Diego, CA
Email: ksteinmurphy@gmail.com



Kelly Foster 
Affected son, Cameron
Naugatuck, Connecticut
Email: kelly_foster@sbcglobal.net




Sarah Newcomer
affected son is Hudson
Windermere, FL
Email: sknewcomer@yahoo.com

Katherine Trusty
Affected daughter, Rebecca
Jacksonville, Florida
Email: trustyfl@bellsouth.net


Laurie Farmer
Affected son, William
Peachtree City, Georgia
Email: Laurie.Farmer@fda.gov



Troy & Corrina Barrett
Affected Son: Jaden (5/5/93)
Affected Son: Blake (11/27/03)
Priest River, ID
Email: clubenergy@conceptcable.com 


Debbie Boucher
Affected 15-year-old 
found through NBS Program
Unaffected 12-year-old
Picture & story currently unavailable
Libertyville, IL
Email: dbemail1@yourbirth.com
Website: www.yourbirth.com  

John & Betsy Gharagozlou
Affected Daughter, Allison
Picture & story currently unavailable
Palatine, IL
Email: heybets30@hotmail.com 



Angie Eubanks

Affected Son, Garrett
Wyoming, Iowa
Email: aceubanks@netins.net

Diana Biles
Affected Son, Sam
Profound Deficiency, older brother Zack and sister Claire not affected
Cedar Falls, IA
Email: Dianabiles@cfu.net 




Hope Oliver
Affected daughter, Ashley
Houma, Louisiana
Email: hlvoliver@msn.com

Candice Yates
Affected Daugher: Alayna Jaelyn
Leesville, La
Email: candiceyates2007@yahoo.com



Randy J. Jones
Affected adult daughter, Megan
Picture & story currently unavailable
Baltimore, MD
Email: rkjones@innernet.net



Chris & Carol Adasczik 
Affected daughter, Ashley 5 
Affected son, Christopher 1
profound BTD found via NBS program
Picture & story currently unavailable
Dewitt, MI
Email: cadasczik1@comcast.net  

Colin & Margie Mach
Affected son: Griffin (3 1/2 years)
Partial BD, found via NB Screening
Unaffected son: Brady (18 months)
Clinton Twp, MI
Email: margie@cmach.net



Barbara Seals
Affected Daughter, Alexis
Gulf Coast, MS
Email: gobraves39560@yahoo.com 




Jennifer Czarnick
Affected son, Jared
Older Brother & younger brother not affected
Picture & story currently unavailable
Silver Creek, Nebraska
Email: Jczarnick@hamilton.net

Laura Steele
Affected daughter, Grace (DOB: 6/16/06)
Partial BD found via NBS
Lincoln, Nebraska
Email: lauraesteele@gmail.com

Andrea White
Affected son, Taylor Wolf (DOB 12/28/05)
Partial Biotin Deficiency
Picture & story currently unavailable
Grand Island, Nebraska
Email: andrea_marie125@yahoo.com


New Hampshire

New Jersey

Jenn Burke
Affected Daugter: Regan (8/07)
Profound Deficiency, found via NB Screening
Toms River, New Jersey
Email: jacburke@gmail.com

Karen Kelly
Affected son, Brendan
3 unaffected older brothers
Partial BTD, found via NB Screening
Rutherford, New Jersey
Email: babyjohnkelly@aol.com

Nicole Landis
Affected Daughter age 3 - BD found on newborn screen
Son 9 - unaffected
Blackwood, NJ
Email: dillin12@comcast.net

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota


Anne & Paul Gardner
Affected son: Alex, 1994
profound BD diagnosed through NBS
Carrier: Daniel, 1996
found through blood tests specific for biotinidase
Dayton, OH
Email: gardnera39@hotmail.com

Kimberly Hoerner
Affected daughter, Emily
Picture & story currently unavailable
Fairborn, Ohio
Email: kshoerner@msn.com



Paul and Gina Huft
Affected daughter: Caytlynn Nicole Huft
2 sisters and 1 brother not affected
Roseburg, Oregon
Email: ghuft01@q.com

Jason and Karlene McCoy
Affected daughter: Kelayna (Partial, found in NB screening)
2 siblings: Kaden, carrier; Kaylee, unaffected
Hillsboro, Oregon
Email: jjkmmccoy@srointernet.com


Lori Ann Bloch
Son, Aidan Patrick, diagnosed with partial BTD through newborn screening in NJ – 5 half siblings, unaffected
East Stroudsburg, PA
Email: abloch@live.com

Allison DiVirgilio
affected daughter-Adriana
(partial found in NBS, twin brother un-affected)
Coatesville, PA
Email: chefalli414@aol.com

Lori Miller
Affected Daughter, Maleia
found through NBS
Marion Center, PA
Email: lorirmiller@comcast.net

Jozet P.  
Affected Child partial BTD found through NBS program
2 unaffected siblings
Picture & story currently unavailable

Email: yonkogirl808@yahoo.com

Mary Smith 
Affected Son, Anthony: Profound BD found through NBS program,
Affected Son: Robbie: Profound BD Diagnosed Age 3
Harleysville, Pennsylvania
Email: hismiths2000@yahoo.com

Michael and Jennifer Woods 
Affected Daughter, Emma-profound BD, Discovered during NBS program
2 unaffected siblings
Harleysville, Pennsylvania
Email: woodsies2000@comcast.net

Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

Sonja A. Barr
Affected Son: Ryan born in 1997
Unaffected Son: Tyler
Coventry, R.I.
Email: Sabarr1@aol.com 

South Carolina

South Dakota

Karen & Chris Hislip
Affected daughter: Kaysie (b2006)
partial BD, diagnosed via NB Screening
Rapid City, South Dakota
Email: pippylong78@hotmail.com



Cindy White
Affected daughter, Zoe Bella 
Sugar Land, Texas
Picture & story currently unavailable

Email: cdvwhite@hotmail.com 




Kymberly Durham 
Affected Son, Cameron
Picture & story currently unavailable
Luray, Virginia
Email: weaversgrl05@aol.com

Tyler & Jennifer Lowery
Affected children: son, Andrew & daughter, Olivia - Profound BD 
Carrier: daughter, Kaitlyn
Found through NBS & other blood tests specifically for BD
Tappahannock, Virginia
Email: katieboosmom@msn.com 

Claudia Gutierrez 
Affected Son: Daniel
Picture & story currently unavailable
Arlington, VA
Email: Hopeless103@hotmail.com


West Virginia




Esther Dayan 
Affected son: Sonny 
Picture & story currently unavailable
São Paulo- Brazil
Email: carlest@uol.com.br
Website - Click here

Marie-Paule Paré and Olav Traa 
Affected daughter: Rose Faith
Older brother (not affected): Elijah Jakob
Armena, Alberta
e-mail: mpp8@hotmail.com

Flavia Siqueira 
Affected Daughter: Gabriela
Picture & story currently unavailable
Brasilia - Brazil
e-mail: flaviasiqueira@uol.com.br
Website - Click here

Annabelle Gonzalez 
Affected Daughter: Maria Gabriella
Picture & story currently unavailable
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
e-mail: vannabelle@hotmail.com


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